Colored plans

Colored and furnished plans for the sale of real estate

Colored and furnished plans for the sale of real estate

Colored maps to facilitate the understanding of the spaces during the sale phase. The common furnished plans made with the different CAD systems are useful on-site and to give an exact size to the premises. However, the colored plants return in emotional terms greater effectiveness towards the customer. It is important to ensure that the customer perceives the space as warm, welcoming, and pleasant. After all, not everyone is able to evaluate an environment by simply viewing two-dimensional drawings composed only of lines. Here the colored plans furnished with 3D objects such as those used by 3dmlstudio, certainly offer a greater boost in the negotiation phase. The colored floor plans can then be used on the company’s website or printed in a book to be presented on-site.


Furnished colored floor plan

Beautiful colored plans are furnished to enhance your project. The plans are made starting from 3D furnishings and reworked by the graphic designer in photoshop. With the furnished and colored floor plans, it is possible to show the customer so that he can accurately evaluate the spaces available.

You can view interior renderings by following this link and exterior renderings by going to this other link


Quality 3D textures and furnishings:

3D furniture and textures
3D interior and exterior furnishings
High-resolution quality texture
Positioning of furniture according to needs
Realistic vegetation both inside and outside
Legend with apartment position and title block
Photorealistic cars

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