3 good reasons to decide to use only photorealistic 3D rendering

Let’s do a quick but substantial overview linked to objective benefits, related to the use of photorealistic 3D renderings, for architects and architectural firms:

Properly present the environmental impact of projects

Among the technical requests that the Municipalities send to the Architectural Firms, today there is also that of providing 3D renderings to support standard graphic drawings such as plans, sections, and elevations.

These virtual images, in addition to visually representing how the new structure will appear externally, must also show the impact of the new construction on the territory.

What does this mean for architecture studios?

Through photorealistic 3D renderings, the Architect can provide the Municipality with an effective vision of the environmental impact of the project, showing all the elements necessary to have an effective and realistic perception of the environment as a whole.

There are two options available in this regard:

a top view with insertion of the structure into a large aerial plan
a photographic view at “height of man”

Present a more artistic vision of the project

In the presence of architectural complexities that require a particular study of the structure and related materials, the Architecture Studio can make use of 3D renderings having a more suitable artistic value.Why adopt this solution?

Because in these cases, the architect can take a considerable advantage from being able to use a rendering so designed to better focus on a particular problem and consequently identify the best design and aesthetic solution.

The example shown below represents the detailed 3D section of a large structure and highlights this aspect.

The artistic rendering of the image made it possible to better illustrate the cross-section of the entire structure by optimally grasping the idea behind the project.

In addition, through the use of detailed modeling and appropriate textures, the construction elements of the entire structure have been finely reproduced and this has allowed the Architecture Firm to perfectly illustrate the project to the Authorities and the construction company.

Giving concrete value to construction site signage

Each construction site needs to display a billboard depicting the project under construction but often the quality of the displayed image is of low quality and unrealistic, the consequence is that the construction is unattractive in the eyes of potential buyers.

How to turn a problem into a great opportunity to differentiate yourself?
In these cases, it would be of fundamental importance to be able to exhibit photorealistic and scenographic images of the real estate project, images capable of immediately capturing the attention of the potential visitor.

By adopting solutions that employ Photorealistic 3D Rendering, not only the Architecture Firm but also the Construction Company or any Real Estate Agency can gain a clear image advantage towards potential customers.

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